Hollow Fibre Hemofilter

Specification:1000 model(1㎡)、 800 model(0.8㎡)、600 model(0.6㎡)、300 model(0.3㎡)、 200 model(0.2㎡)、 150 model(0.15㎡)
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Sales Phone:0631-5621609,0631-5716358
Scope of Application: Suitable for the blood concentrationthe of hemodilution open-heart surgery.
Specification: 1000 model(1㎡), 800 model(0.8㎡), 600 model(0.6㎡), 300 model(0.3㎡), 200 model(0.2㎡), 150 model(0.15㎡)
The hemofilters are designed to improve effectively the value of PVC, can rapidly remove excess fluid and hydrone of patients, when keep plasma proteins and RBC.
Newlife hemofilters can reduce effectively inflammatory reaction and immune
Stable ultrafiltration rate, high sieving coefficient, no need for negative suction